Fundacja ŻYCIU TAK – Cycling from Poland to Rome with Intentions Important to the Church

Cycling from Poland to Rome with Intentions Important to the Church

15 lipca 2021 /FP | Family News Service Kapłani na rowerach w Rzymie

Three priests from the Diocese of Pelplin and a lay person reached Rome on 14 July, ending there a bicycle pilgrimage that began on 28 June in Pelplin (northern Poland). The pilgrims carried with them personal intentions and matters, such as respect for human life, which are important to the entire Church.

A special place among the intentions of the pilgrims from northern Poland was devoted to Pope Francis and vocations to the priestly and religious ministry. The rector of the Major Seminary in Pelplin was one of the participants of this pilgrimage.

By their efforts and prayers, the pilgrims also supported the hospice in Kartuzy, but these are only a few of the intentions with which they went to Rome. “In the context of the pandemic, we wanted to give testimony that we cross borders to meet people, of course with all safety measures. Our intention is also to bear witness that the Gospel is not a thing of the past but also of the present and of the future. We have joined the #RomeaStrata project to rebuild pilgrimage routes,” said Fr. Dr. Janusz Chyla, a participant in the pilgrimage, parish priest in Chojnice, chaplain and member of the Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest Catholic lay charity organization. The pilgrims were also mindful of the issue of the sanctity of human life. “We were also, of course, guided by the intention to defend human life in the context of the teachings of John Paul II,” added Fr. Chyla.

The protection of life is one of the main activities of the Knights of Columbus. Members of the organization also emphasize mercy and family issues. “Since I am associated with the Knights of Columbus, the intention to protect life accompanied me in a unique way during this pilgrimage,” emphasized Fr. Chyla.

Fr. Dr. Janusz Chyla indicated two main ways to care for human life. “First, constant prayer is important. There are some things we are not able to do by ourselves. The second thing is witnessing: helping people, especially women, who are struggling with spiritual, psychological, and material problems. As Knights of Columbus, we cooperate with the Foundation ‘Little Feet.’ Recently we had the bell ‘Voice of the Unborn’ rung in our parish to awaken people’s consciences,” noted Fr. Janusz Chyla.

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