Fundacja ŻYCIU TAK – The position of the ŻYCIU YES Foundation on the situation in Ukraine

The position of the ŻYCIU YES Foundation on the situation in Ukraine

17 marca 2022 | PS

Kula ziemska flaga Ukrainy i gołąb pokoju


MaterCare International, Saint John’s, Canada
Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary „Yes For Life” Foundation Rzeszów, Poland

For several decades, MaterCare International – an organization of obstetricians gynaecologists – has been defending mothers and their children, helpless persons who suffer the most by lack of medical care and hard conditions of life in underdeveloped countries where millions of mothers die during childbirth. Our organization also defends mothers in developed countries who are prompted to aggression against their own children massively killed during abortion.
The Foundation “Yes For Life” mobilizes the public opinion to defend human life, organizes conferences, founds bells “The Voice of the Unborn” for Poland, Ukraine, and Ecuador.
We are now taking the floor in order to defend mothers and children who are cruelly being killed. The aggressor does not hesitate to bomb Ukrainian maternity hospitals and housing estates, massacring the innocent ones. Millions of people, mostly women, including mothers, as well as their children undertake treacherous journeys lasting many days, during frosty days and nights, in search of a safe place where they could survive. Husbands and fathers stayed in Ukraine in order to defend their home country.

We say a loud and explicit “Enough” to this barbarity! No political goals justify this enormous tribute of blood, death, diseases, disability, and of terrible mistreatment. The right to life is the fundamental right.
We are close to the Day of Sanctity of Life (annually celebrated on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, March 25). This year, let us remember not only about the ordeal of the unborn who are deprived of life in the procedure of abortion (prenatal murder) all over the world. Let us also remember about millions of people in Ukraine, especially about the most helpless ones: about mothers and their babies, also about those who have already come into the world.
Let us pray for them. May the gracious Lord take the souls of the dead to himself. May He help the living to endure these hard times, and then to come back home, to work, or to school safely.
Let us pray for the enormous crowd of private persons, for nongovernmental organizations, and for governments in countries where people in need are being helped fraternally and with great sacrifice.
Following the example of St. Stephen, let us pray for tormentors that they may quickly see clearly and beg God for his mercy.

We appeal to institutions, organizations, and to all the people of good will to spread and support our appeal.

11 March 2022


Fundacja ŻYCIU TAK


Fundacja ŻYCIU TAK
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